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Upload And Share Images Platform

About the business 

Business Crux: 

  • Domain Name : (UPLOADANYFILE.COM)
  • Website Age : 8 Months
  • Website Type : SAAS
  • Revenue Model : Subscription Based

Assets Included in the Sale: 

  1. Domain
  1. Website Backup Files
  1. Graphics and logo files with Vectors

Uploadanyfile is a platform that makes you creating an Image Hosting website where can any user or any visitor can upload multiple images by selecting the photos or just drag them anywhere on the home page. upload progress is visible and intuitive and uploaded images can be previewed and every image uploaded will have a specific URL that can share anywhere. the interface is completely responsive and easy to use.

Business in Details: 

Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ? 

SAAS Based Upload and Share Images Platform.

The website has been live since February 2022.


Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ? 

Business Model is simple – New Business Can Earn money via Ads Implementation on website and Subscription Model. Both is inbuilt and just one click away.

Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ? 

Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.

For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning.

User Features: 

  • Upload multiple images free & easy with or without an account
  • Login & Signup
  • Social login or signup
  • Nice user dashboard with all activites
  • Manage all uploaded images in gallery
  • Update account information & change password

Admin Features: 

  • Full & Nice admin panel
  • All website statistics
  • Manage users ban & unban & view user uploads
  • Add new admins
  • Manage all uploads view & delete
  • Amazon S3
  • Wasabi S3
  • Manage Ads
  • Read & delete messages
  • Getting notifications if there is new messages
  • Manage and add new pages
  • Update website settings
  • Website Name
  • Google analytics
  • Home page heading
  • Home page descritption
  • Max file size
  • One time uploads
  • Logo & Favicon
  • Update admin account information & change password



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February 22, 2023
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