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SAAS Based Easy File Transfer Platform. Upload Free up to 2GB. File Uploading and Sharing with Email and Direct Link Options

About the business

About the business 

Business Crux: 

  • Domain Name : (MYUPLOADFILE.COM)
  • Website Age : 9 Months
  • Website Type : SAAS
  • Revenue Model : Subscription Based

Assets Included in the Sale: 

  1. Domain
  1. Website Backup Files
  1. Graphics and logo files with Vectors

Myuploadfile is an easy online file transfer solution that can be used to share large files by email or by generating links, with many options to protect files. you can send files anytime and anywhere just by creating an account or without an account, and the script is SAAS with pricing plans that you can set from admin panel so you can start earning money from your customers subscriptions.

Business in Details: 

Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ? 

SAAS Based Upload and Share Files Platform.

The website has been live since March2022.


Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ? 

Business Model is simple – New Business Can Earn money via Ads Implementation on website and Subscription Model. We have monthly and yearly Subscription plans. Collect tax rates or additional fees on payments through our flexible payment gateways .

Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ? 

Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.

For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning.

User Features: 

  • Uploading files easily.
  • Genrate link and sharing.
  • Transfer around the world.
  • Transfer files to multiple emails.

Other Features: 

  • New design : New design compatible with all screens.
  • Pricing plans : Sell monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Chunk upload : Upload large files easily even with medium server bandwidth.
  • Storage : Manage your storage easily, by using a third party (Amazon, Wasabi, Digitalocean spaces) to store files and avoid storing files directly in your server.
  • Multi Language system : Translate your website easily to +99 different language.
  • Blog system : Write and publish your articles to improve your website SEO.
  • Support Tickets : Help your users to solve their problems with the advanced ticket system.
  • Email Verifications : Prevent fake registrations using the email verification feature.
  • Email notifications & User notifications : User will receive emails and dashboard notifications about subscriptions, tickets, transfers and more…
  • 2Fa authentication : Users can set 2Fa authentication to protect their accounts.
  • Advanced Admin interface : Now as admin you will be able to control your website easily with our new admin panel.
  • Navigations : Create a navigation menu for every language.
  • Pages : Create website pages for every language.
  • SEO Configurations : Create SEO configuration for every language.


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February 22, 2023
February 22, 2023
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