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Mytempmail is a Temporary Email Address System.

About the business

Business Crux:

• Domain Name : (MYTEMPMAIL.XYZ)
• Website Type : SAAS

• Traffic and Revenue : No Traffic and No Revenue (Starter Website)
• Work Commitments : 2-4 Hours Per Week (For Marketing and Promotion)
• Technical Specs : PHP
• Hosting Requirements : Basic to Cloud (15$ Per Year to 50$ Per Year, Depending on Scalability)

Assets Included in the Sale:

1. Domain
2. Website Backup Files
3. Free Migration
4. Graphics and logo files with Vectors (if available)
5. On-Demand Documentation(if Necessary)

Trash Mails – is an email service that allows receiving email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses, Trash Mails – Multi Domains Temporary Email Address System.

Business in Details:

Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ?

Temporary Email Address System. with Various Features Loaded.

The website has been live since April 2022.

Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ?

Business Model is simple – New Business Can Earn money via Ads Implementation on website and Subscription Model. Both is inbuilt and just one click away.

Customers generally spend 5$-10$ per month average so 50 customer can generate 500$ revenue per month and 6k$ per Annum.

Marketing will be the only Cost in long run.

Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ?

Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.

For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning.

New Features:

• [NEW] Simple Menu builder
• [NEW] Add Keywords in Posts
• [NEW] More SEO Optimization
• [NEW] Add Open Graph Meta Tags
• [NEW] Detect language from browser
• [NEW] Smart Redirects & Routing
• [NEW] HTTPS Force
• [NEW] Temporary Mail in minutes, hours or days

Awesome Features:

Admin Panel

• Fully responsive and dynamic
• Easy to Login
• Forgot password
• Messages Received & Emails Created In Last Week
• Total Emails
• Total Messages
• Total Posts
• Total Pages
• Cron Job Command
• Admin settings
• Password Setup
• IMAP Server Setup
• SMTP Server Setup
• General Settings (Logo , Favicon , Colors …)
• Fake Emails and Messages
• SEO Optimized
• Blog System
• Manage all ads
• Frontend settings
• Add, edit, delete categories
• Add, edit, delete posts
• Add, edit, delete pages
• Add, delete features
• Powerful and Flexible
• Multi Domains
• Forbidden Emails ID
• Manage Allowed Files
• Simple Menu builder
• HTTPS Force
• Temporary Mail in minutes, hours or days
• Enable/ Disable Cookies
• Add Seo Tab in Language


• Protect Your Personal Email Address From Spam
• Responsive Design
• Change Email
• Delete Email
• Auto Refresh
• Receive Messages
• Download attachments
• Contact Us Page
• High performance
• Detect language from browser

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October 19, 2022
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