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LEARNINGLID.COM is a online learning platform. Here students and teachers are combined together for sharing knowledge through a structured course-based system.

About the business

About Website:

LEARNINGLID.COM is the best online learning platform for everyone. Here students and teachers are combined together for sharing knowledge through a structured course-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video lessons and documents according to their expertise and students can enroll in these courses and make themselves skilled anytime and from anywhere.

Student Workflow:

  • Create account and browse courses
    • Save favourite courses to wishlist
    • Add course to cart and purchase
    • Start learning from my course page
    • Messaging with course instructor
    Instructor Workflow:
    • Create course from instructor panel
    • Admin approves pending courses for sale
    • Students purchase course and money deposited to site admn
    • Admin pays course price commission to instructor

Core Features:

  • Advanced course Manager
    • Drag and drop lesion organizer
    • Public instructor
    • Instructor dashboard
    • Student dashboard
    • Invoice print and pdf support
    • Intuitive course payer
    • Course progress
    • Course video resume
    • Quizzes, section and lessons
    • Course purchase report
    • Student, Instructor messaging
    • Course filter
    • Course wishlist
    • Shopping cart
    • Multi theme support
    • Mobile apps
    • Multiple language
    • support Multiple currency
    • support Search engine
    • optimized Complete
    • responsive design
    • Extremely user friendly layouts
    • Open source, easy customisation
    • Strong data privacy
    • Smart installation and updater
    • Professional developer support
    • Instructor Application
    • Instructor Payout
    • Multi Instructor in Single Course
    • Manual Enrolment
    • Admin Role Permission
    • Adding New Admins
    • Course Comparison
    • Coupon Code
    • Ability to Add New Themes
    • Ability to Add Add-ons
    Business in Details:
    Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ?

LEARNINGLID.COM is the best online learning platform Great UI/UX and comes with a Super Admin Panel to manage all the things at one place .
The website has been live since March 21.

Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ?

This is a service based platform. Well this is a online learning platform so here the admin can make money by selling their online courses.
Business Model is simple – New Business Can Earn money via Ads Implementation on website and Subscription Model. Both is inbuilt and just one click away.

Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ?

Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.
For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning.

Student Features:

  • Browse course portal – Students browse the course portal and choose what to learn.
    • Filter courses – Browsing courses and filtering with different criteria like category, price, level, language, rating.
    • Course page – Course detail page contains summary, requirements, lesson list, instructor detail, reviews, purchase link.
    • My course page – Student’s purchased courses are listed in my course page. They can start courses from here or continue anytime later.
    • Course lesson player – Advanced course playing page well organized with lessons and sections. Course type preview, duration, full screen view, lesson completion mark available for students.
    • Quiz for students – Students can take quizzes to justify their learning status. They can take over those quizzes any number of times.
    • Course progress followup, review course – Completion progress can be tracked individually for each course of every students. Also they can give rating, post review to every course they purchased.
    • Course wishlist.
    • Cart and Coupon code.
    • Purchase report with printable invoice.
    • Messaging with instructor.

Instructor Features:

  • Dedicated instructor dashboard
    • Course manager
    • Instructor sales report
    • Instructor payout report and requesting a payout
    • Instructor payout settings – Instructor can set necessary credentials.for setting up their payable accounts from the payout settings. So that admin can pay to instructor
    • Internal Messaging
    • Profile management
    • Adding multiple instructors in a course

Admin Features:

  • Admin dashboard – Dashboard represents all the necessary numbers which need to be checked more often. Like revenue of the current month, total number of courses, lessons, enrollment, latest payout withdrawal request etc.
    • Course dashboard
    • Course curriculum manager
    • Adding multiple instructors in a course.
    • Adding coupon code.
    • Category manager
    • Student list
    • Manual course enrolment
    • Course sales report
    • Instructor List.
    • Managing Instructor payout.
    • Instructor settings
    • Instructor applications.
    • Admin List.
    • Set permission to admins
    • Internal messaging.
    • Addon manager.
    • Theme Manager.
    • Portal setup settings
    • Profile manager – As a user he also has a profile manager section, where he can update his own data and password.


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