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Business Crux:


  • Website Type : Services Industry (Domain and Web Hosting Selling)
  • Revenue Model : Service Based, Digital Product Selling
  • Traffic and Revenue : No Traffic and No Revenue (Starter Website)
  • Work Commitments : 2-4 Hours Per Week (For Marketing and Promotion) Technical Specs : PHP
  • Hosting Requirements : Basic to Cloud (15$ Per Year to 50$ Per Year, Depending on Scalability)


Assets Included in the Sale:


  • Domain
  • Website Backup Files
  • 30 Mins Onboarding Skype/Loom /Zoom Call
  • Free Migration
  • 6 m/o Hosting Free For BIN Buyers only
  • 30- Days Post Sale Support
  • Graphics and logo files with Vectors (if available)
  • On-Demand Documentation(if Necessary)


HOSTGLYDER.COM is a WHMCS based so easy to manage your web hosting and digital service agency business. The robust features automate the whole life cycle of your customers. It is designed with powerful automation features to help you sell more & keep your clients happy.


Business in Details:


Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ? is a Domain, Web Hosting and other related products selling Platform with Great UI/UX and comes with a Super Admin Panel to manage all the things at one place.


The website has been live since March 22.


Shared Hosting, cPanel Hosting, Direct Admin Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Domains, Domain Transfers, SSL products are sold.


Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ?


Business Model is simple in Domaining Business and Hosting Re-Selling business. By Selling Products Profit margin varies between 40-80% which is huge in hosting business.


Customers generally spend 5$-10$ per month average on Hosting so 50 customer can generate 500$ revenue per month and 6k$ per Annum.


Reseller-Hosting and WHMCS Subscription charges are the only and Major expenses here.


Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ?


Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.


For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social

Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning.




  • Automated Provisioning & Management

Fully automated hosting account setup and management with domains too.

  • Recurring Invoicing & Payment Capture

Automatically bill and collect payments from customers with professional looking invoices.

  • Customer Support

Ticketing System & Self Service Tools

Centralise customer communications and allow clients to get help even when you’re not around.

Hosting Features:

  • Account Provisioning

Create, suspend, modify and terminate accounts accross your flee

  • Single Sign-On

Give customers a single login for access to all their services

  • Upgrades/Downgrades

Automatically upgrade web hosting accounts on-demand


  • Account Suspension

Suspend overdue and delinquent accounts automatically

  • Password Reset

Payment reminders and overdue notices for failed payments

  • Account Sync

Syncronise and import accounts from cPanel web hosting servers

  • Options and Add-ons

Support for offering configurable options and add-ons in the order process

  • Self Service Client Portal

Allow customers to manage all aspects of their web hosting from the client portal

  • Automatic Updates

Download and apply updates to the WHMCS product automatically via our Auto Updater

  • Usage Statistics

Disk and Bandwidth Usage imported daily with support for usage based billing

  • Domain Resolver

Automatically detect domains that have been removed from your nameservers

  • Product Bundles

Create bundles of products and services to group commonly used services


Domain Automation Features:


  • Intelligent Domain Name Suggestion


Suggestions, also known as Domain Namespinning, work by providing your customers with intelligent domain name suggestions at the time when they are looking to buy a domain, increasing the chances of securing a conversion and often leading to sales of additional names.


  • Spotlight TLD Extensions


Shine the spotlight on your best selling and new/premium domain extensions using Spotlight TLDs. With Spotlight TLDs your top performing extensions are displayed prominently and with their logos for maximum impact. Use it to promote new extensions, special offers and more.


  • Real Time Availability Checking

Check domain availability using real-time polling of WHOIS services and registrar APIs

  • Nameserver Management

Both customers and administrators can view and change the nameservers all domains are pointed to

  • WHOIS Management

View and make changes to the WHOIS Contact Information held at the domain registries in real-time

  • Automated Renewals

Automatically invoice for renewals and trigger renewals with domain registries when customers pay you

  • Domain Syncing

Daily syncronisation of domain due dates and status, as well as auto detection of transfers away

  • Domain Syncing

Daily syncronisation of domain due dates and status, as well as auto detection of transfers away

  • Free Domains

You can bundle domain registration for free with certain hosting packages

  • DNS Management

Allow customers to directly view and manage DNS Host Records for their domain

  • ID Protection

Offer your customers ID Protection and allow them to upgrade to it at any time

  • WHOIS Lookup

Perform a WHOIS lookup and view the WHOIS information for any domain on-demand

  • Domain Search

Integrate domain availability checking and searching directly into your website

  • Self Management Portal

Allow customers to manage every aspect of their domain registration with you via the self-service client portal


Powerfull Billing Features:


  • PDF Invoices

Send professional looking PDF invoices and receipts to customers

  • Recurring Billing

Invoice generation and payment capture for subscription based services

  • Payment Reminders

Payment reminders and overdue notices for failed payments

  • Accept Credit Cards

Merchant gateway processor integration enables you to accept credit cards directly

  • Off-site Gateways

Avoid PCI Compliance with 3rd party gateways such as PayPal and 2CheckOut

  • Tokenised Storage

Securely process credit card payments and reduce your liability with tokenised


  • Complete PayPal Integration


Accept payments via PayPal Website Payments Standard, Express Checkout, Website Payments Pro and PayFlow Pro.


You can also view your PayPal Account Balance, Lookup PayPal Transactions, Issue Refunds and more with our PayPal integration.


  • Multi-Currency

Bill and invoice your customers in multiple different currencies

  • Taxes/VAT

Supporting Sales Tax and EU VAT, multiple levels of taxation and inclusive taxing

  • Coupons & Promotions

Create promo codes with criteria and fixed or percentage based discounts

  • Quotes

Generate quotes customers can review and accept online with ease

  • Billing Cycles

Offer products with one time or recurring charges up to every 3 years

  • Proration

Support for fixed day billing and proration of upgrades

  • Upgrades/Changes

Support for mid-cycle upgrades with proration of charges and automated account updates

  • Drafts

Not ready to send an invoice yet? No problem, create drafts that are hidden from customers

  • Refunds & Disputes

Process refunds directly from invoices and automate payment dispute handling

  • Capture On-Demand

Capture payments on-demand from credit cards and tokenised gateways

  • Late Fees

Apply fixed or percentage based late and overdue fees

  • Email Notifications

Automated email confirmations for all invoice and payment actions

  • ACH, SEPA & Direct Debit

Process payments directly from Bank Accounts for US, UK and EU customers

  • iDEAL

Accept payments via any of iDEALs supported banking institutions

  • Offline Check/Bank Transfer

Accept offline payments such as Check and Mail in Payments too


Support Ticketing System:


  • Departments

Create departments to group similar tickets and separate responsibilities.

  • Email Piping

Tickets can be opened and replied to via the web or by email.

  • Ticket Assignment

Track and assign tickets to individuals for consistency and management.

  • Custom Fields

Collect any additional information required for your workflows and processes.

  • Escalation Rules

Setup escalation rules to perform automated actions and enforce SLAs.

  • Attachments

Supports file attachments for additional context.


Other Support tools:


  • Announcements

Post news, information and special offers to your customers. Announcements are displayed within the client area and feature social sharing integration for maximising your announcements reach.

  • Downloads

Provide your customers with downloadable resources to help them with their service, ideal for manuals, templates, software and more. Combined with products, you can sell access to restricted digital downloads.

  • Network Status

A dedicated system for notifying users about service impacting maintenance and downtime within your fleet of servers that highlights issues affecting servers your customers are hosted on.

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