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About the business

Business Crux:

  • Domain Name : HELPDESK247.LIVE)
  • Website Type : Service
  • Traffic and Revenue : No Traffic and No Revenue (Starter Website)
    • Work Commitments : 2-4 Hours Per Week (For Marketing and Promotion)
    • Technical Specs : PHP
    • Hosting Requirements : Basic to Cloud (15$ Per Year to 50$ Per Year, Depending on Scalability)


Assets Included in the Sale:

  1. Domain
  2. Website Backup Files
  3. Free Migration
  4. Graphics and logo files with Vectors (if available)
  5. On-Demand Documentation(if Necessary)


HelpDesk247 is a self-hosted, feature packed customer support, ticketing, email management and helpdesk software that does not require any coding or server knowledge to setup.

It can automatically turn emails into tickets/replies and send agent replies made from  HelpDesk247 as emails. Customers can also create tickets and reply directly from HelpDesk247 site.

Business in Details:

Q1:What Does your Business do ? when and How did you started ?What do you Sell/Promoted your Customer/Visitor ? is a Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Ticketing System. with Various Features Loaded.

The website has been live since Feb 2022.

Q2:How does this Business make money ?How much it can make ?What are the major expenses ?

Business Model is simple – New Business Can Earn money via Ads Implementation on website and Subscription Model. Both is inbuilt and just one click away

Customers generally spend 5$-10$ per month average so 50 customer can generate 500$ revenue per month and 6k$ per Annum.

Marketing will be the only Cost in long run

Q3:How much time New Business Owners (NBO) need to spend to make it work ?Anyone else the NBO should know ?How the NBO can make it bigger and better ?

Well, Since This is a Starter Website, 2-4 hours on marketing and promotions is enough.

For making it bigger and better, NBO needs to promote this website on Social Media Platforms as well as Google Ads and to offer them a much lower price in order to lure the customers in beginning


  • KNOWLEDGEBASE: Reduce ticket volume. Create articles with rich text and html editor. Automatically suggest articles when customers are creating new tickets.
  • AGENT MAILBOX: Categories Tickets. Assign tags or agents. Collaborate privately with notes. Add most common replies with two clicks. Speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts.
  • REPORTS: Use in-depth reports to get an overview of all important metrics, measure team performance and spot issues.
  • ADMIN AREA: Customize the site with large amount of settings. Manage users, groups,tags, pages, mail, templates, translations.

Other Features

  • Email With Superpowers– Use as email management software, keeping your existing email account and receiving all the functionality of BeDesk.
  • Emails To Tickets– Automatically turn emails from customers into tickets on BeDesk and send replies from BeDesk as emails.
  • Notifications– Receive notifications via email, browser or mobile on various events, including new ticket, new reply, ticket assigned and more.
  • Easy Installation– Install BeDesk easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.
  • Reports – BeDesk will automatically generate reports on tickets, search, article views and more.
  • High Performance – BeDesk is lightweight and has lighting fast performance and page load time out of the box.
  • Optional Envato Module– Envato login, purchase code validation, earnings reports, automatic item importing and more.
  • Knowledgebase Management– Organize your knowledge base using categories and tags, create articles with a powerful html editor.
  • Appearance Editor– Change colors, images and text. Manage menus, SEO tags and more, all with a live preview using powerful appearance editor.
  • Translation Ready– You can translate BeDrive easily from admin area without any need for 3rd party applications or configuration files.
  • Responsive– BeDesk is fully responsive and will scale to the size of any device.
  • Open Source– You will receive full non-encrypted and non-obfuscated source code, so you can modify it (or hire a freelancer to do it for you) in any way you want.
  • Lifetime License– Pay once and receive a lifetime license. There are no recurring fees.
  • Documentation– In depth offline documentation included. It Explains everything from installation to the many features.
  • Social Login– Allow users to login with popular 3rd party sites (facebook, twitter, envato, google).
  • Professional Design– Pixel-perfect design based on google’s material design guidelines.
  • Search– Powerful search with multiple integrated providers, including elasticsearch, algolia, mysql and more.
  • Rich Text Editor– Ticket body uses a rich text editor, that allows file uploads, code formatting, inline images, canned replies, links, undo/redo, drafts and more.
  • Dark Mode – BeDesk comes with pre-built light and dark themes. You can fully customize them or add new themes via appearance editor.
  • User Settings– Let users change common settings like their timezone, language, country and more.
  • Roles– Flexible role system to assign users and agents to teams, organizations, companies and more.
  • Pages– Create custom pages (like terms of service or privacy policy) with html editor.
  • Menu Editor – All the menus across the site can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge.

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