time table generator

School Timetable is powerful and complete timetable generating software for automatic or interactive creation and maintenance of timetables.

Software for Schools Timetable Framing / Scheduling works, Schools can generate their TimeTable within a day. Combined teachers / subjects / classes, fixed / conditional period allocation, Substitution period allocation / class teacher period and etc. Manual & Auto Generations. Reports like Whole week timetable for teachers / class / free periods.
  • Get Relief from Manual Timetable Preparation.
  • Conflict Control ( Prevention from Clashes between Teachers & Duplicate periods )
  • Tension free Substitution Allotment
  • Unique Software Program for timetable Preparation
  • Freeze your Timetable in a short turn around time with 100% accuracy.

WhopMe-TMS [TimeTable Management System] V2.09

Automatic Generation,Manual adjustments,Verifying the Schedule ,Simple data entry ,Fully customisable You can use the software out-of-the-box or customise its individual features to your liking.

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